berry happy

saturday morning
up at 6.30. the sun wakes me and the kids earlier than i would like on a saturday. i cant seem to sleep in any more.
early morning is the best part of the day right now. from about 10am onwards its too hot for this autumn loving girl.
today i picked the first three strawberries from our garden. its our best attempt at growing strawberries so far. the plastic around them to keep the weeds away seems to have done the trick. one strawberry on icecream for the three kids tonight :-)
and the raspberries are flowering. imagine if we grow raspberries. funnnn.
trying to get everything finished. i want the feeling of having nothing to do. i guess we need a holiday. only yesterday my farmer boy came in and said he needs a month long holiday. im thinking i need to just book a holiday because we'll never go anywhere if i dont. i said Italy. farmer boy laughed. i was serious. the food. the gelati. the sea. my Dad. i think its a great idea. and i know the kids would eat the food. which is one huge relief.
ahh to dream.
im off to write a list. yep. you heard right. a list.


Aussie-waffler said...

There is nothing better then warm raspberries straight from the bush, reminds me of school holidays spent with my grandmother. I'll cross my fingers that all your little flowers turn into berries,yuuuum.

KeLLy MummA said...

erm... manda we've had had this conversation before "we dont do list" we???? or have the rules changed, man i need to keep up lol
alright i'll make a list of something too..maybe a list of holiday resorts in Barcelona?

Kate said...

We seemded to have swapped jobs. I have no list, I have a gazillion things all cluttered around my head and home, you are list girl with holidays on the brain and berries on ice cream for dinner.. Yum!