oh what am i to do? Veda is away on camp. i miss her terribly.
i made delicious laksa for tea.
i love waratah flowers. i wish i could grow one in my garden. i tried once and failed.
my sister was making hazelnut biscotti last time i spoke to her on skype.
today i bought a block of hazelnut chocolate, thinking of her as i did so.
tonight i will eat a lot of it.


melindatrees said...

oh ive been thinking of veda too.xx
the biscotti is yum.a little too hard but good. there are so many good cheap cookbooks on ebay.
laksa sounds does chocolate.koichi bought back 2 jars of hazelnut choc spread.i end up eating that out of the jar.xx

Kate said...

Do you live near me? I have a whole tree of waratah flowers right now. You could come and pick some.

melindatrees said...

can you please post something.

manda said...

Hi Kate...oh my goodness... a waratah tree full of flowers!!!! what a sight that must be... i'm about two hours from you :-( a little far to come pick flowers.. thanks for the sweet offer though :-)