a happy halloween

last night we watched our Amelie up on stage being the cutest little ballerina in her end of year concert. it was heart melting. of course my camera battery died before the concert started..luckily my camera-clicking friend was right next to me to capture some cuteness for us.
today as we melt (yes here comes my season of moaning about the heat) the kids are all excited about a party tonight with our friends and wanted to have a day of spooky making. i did a little pumpkin carving without stabbing myself and the kids have made scary-yummy red back spiders with chocolates licorice straps and jaffas. now we have the afternoon siesta and tonight we play under the almost full moon.

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melindatrees said...

red back spiders sound yum and scary.hana would love them.your pumpkin has more cuteness than scare
:-) is it really melting season already? and fly? :-0