Happy Birthday Veda xox

Today our sweet Veda is 11! . I feel like the luckiest person in the world . Now the day is almost over after so much laughing and playing and cooking and eating. She's in the lounge room making jewellery with her best friends. They have laughed so much and have such wild amounts of energy. I can't help but laugh with them. They are beautiful girls. And here is me on the right , Veda on the left...around the same age. ..not 11, more like 6. but still cute. So maybe I will get a little sleep tonight ..if not there's always tomorrow :-)


melindatrees said...

x x

you are both so adorable.

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Veda! I hope you (and your mum) laughed and laughed all night long. XX

Loretta said...

:) Beautiful mummy and Veda, so happy you had a great birthday Veda.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx