our creative space

under this mess of creativity is where we are supposed to eat tea...... luckily the kitchen bench works just as well.
tonight there was a spontaneous badge making session for the kids.
theres lots of seeds waiting patiently in their packets for spring to be truly here...and then they can be planted. theres seeds to grow watermelon , evening primrose, feverfew, giant sunflower, cucumber.....and more i cant remember. im still sore from planting 25 strawberry plants 5 raspberry canes and a blueberry bush yesterday. so unfit i am.
the iron is there up the end of the table....just in case i get the urge- which only comes a few times a year...or if im printing. or maybe sewing.
and my gocco friend also waits patiently for the inspiration to come and then she is pulled into action. i love her.
and then theres a whole lot of textas. im a texta / pencil / paper / addict.
oh and a nice finishing touch... a willy wagtail nest sitting on the edge of a giant maltesers bucket. and yes...i probably ate at least half of the maltesers. bad. bad. bad. and delicious.
theres also playdough, containers of rice for polly pocket to play in and i just found our flower press.....perfect timing....i wonder if i can press a fat daffodil?
more creative spaces here :-)


littlebird said...

looks like a whole lot of fun!

june at noon said...

You are set up for loads of good fun!

Kirsty said...

Spontaneous badge making sounds like great fun.

Aussie-waffler said...

Wise indeed to leave that iron out, you just never know when the urge might hit ;)Maltesers should really be food group of thir own, don't you think ? Love your post.

melindatrees said...

the best kind of mess.