away and back again

its amazing what a few days away from home can do .
it began with a stopover in the city on the first night...the kids charmed some of the dancing with the stars cast at the hotel restaurant and i ate a laksa that was way too fishy. i found if i didnt breathe while i ate it, it wasnt so bad.
we then managed to do a little shopping in myer but got dragged by little people to the third floor which is toys . not good. we managed to walk out with another ben ten character .
we escaped the city in the afternoon and wove our way down to phillip island to be welcomed by yet another rainbow. they seem to be everywhere lately.
we went straight to the beach and as soon as we stepped on the sand it poured big fat raindrops straight down on top of us. that was fun. just what we needed... a good beach soaking.
we found our apartment which happened to be the one with the best view from its balcony. thankyou very much :-) i would like to wake up to see the ocean each morning....
veda entered her own little piece of heaven....her own room with a king sized bed and furnished just as she likes. we were wondering at this point how we were going to get her to come home with us.
and for the next few days we played new board games, got up close with the cutest little animals...koalas that sat munching on gum leaves just looking at us like we were the strange ones.... and the penguins ...we sat ( with hundreds of other people) on the beach at sunset waiting for these little birds to exit the ocean and run for their lives to their homes. it was a strange thing to be doing.... but oh they are so cute.
and we also ate food that i didnt cook which is always tastier.. and talked and swam in the warm pool and breathed easy and it really felt like we were away for a lot longer. it was freezing cold sure...but you know kids dont care if its cold. and if you have enough wool on...it really doesnt matter.
so now we are home again ready to face the world again..the dreaded school word is beginning to make its way into our conversations and i have to be positive about it or i am never going to get the kids back there...especially our magical little boy.
so i guess i had better re enter the kitchen and make some tea................


melindatrees said...

wa sounds refreshing.
:-) i feel like munching some eucalyptus.oh thats right i still have those lollies you gave me for someone else......

KeLLy MummA said...

soooooooooooo glad your home manda safe and sound :-)