home + heart

the rain keeps falling

the paddocks that i imagined would never change colour again are now green

soon the cows will be able to eat green fresh grass

the chaos is still here

but i believe it will soon change

you have to believe

i had such a nice day

driving and talking and laughing and just being with 5 of my favourite people

the clouds were

gigantic and glowing

and we got lost on the way home

im tired

and im in love

and i dont understand

and i wish i did

im living in more mess than i like

and i accidentally broke the wings off ammies new glass guardian angel

i need to glue them on before she sees

tonight we are hoping that the tooth fairy comes to get vedas tooth

she didnt come last night

maybe because it was raining

or the glass holding the tooth was too deep

or because veda was doubting her existence

lets hope she returns to our house

we all love the tooth fairy

now i need to go have a deep delightful sleep to

recharge me for the next few fun filled days

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