welcome autumn

its a wild windy morning. the sun is shining, the house is moving slowly. well not the house as in howls moving castle. but the people inside. we all recovered from the show with a long night of sleep in our own cosy beds.
i have another bag of papers to burn when its safe to do so. the pile is growing and growing.
the other day a really big branch fell off one of the gum trees that stand just near our house. it scared the hell out of me. i rang a tree lopper...which i have never wanted to do because i love the trees and they are so big and old...but they are dangerous because they are a cluster...and they could fall right on top of our house. anyway the tree lopper hasnt got machinery that goes high enough. so i need to find a nother tree lopper. the thought of cutting down trees actually brings a lump into my throat. i wonder why.

so my girl had a wonderful day at the show. her and her new best friend gwen the cow strutted their stuff and won their first first ribbon together. how excited she was. and we were for her.
the night before the show we had set up a new tent to sleep there with our farmer boy. the kids loved the idea. me. well i like soft beds. i ended up awake most of the night thanks to the hard ground and the loud music that some techno head farmers had blasting in the cow shed right next to where we had the tent. my mum surprised us at the last minute arriving in her motor home to stay the night which was fun. i dont think she slept much either. thankfully she could make us a coffee in the morning.
anyway...its a really strange thing...these people and their cows. i feel sorry for the cows. i think they would rather be free roaming the land. but then they are given so much attention....maybe they like it? or maybe they are so uncomfortable or in pain with their boobs so full of milk to show of their amazing udders! strange. very strange.
so we are trying to get the kids into the tent to sleep. veda escapes out the back door and puts her hand on a bindi. you know. those ninja looking prickles? and if you know our girl , you would know that the next few hours were hell. at about 1 am i finally got close enough to her hand to steal the prickle without her permission. it was like a siege that was finally over. such relief.
i saw both the best and the worst of people at the show. i saw people with big hearts giving their love. and i saw people who have such bitter horrible auras about them that i could stand it no longer. maybe it was accumulated stress and tiredness. but i finally blurted out to this guy that the way he treats my farmer boy is bullsh*t. its the best word i could find in the heat of the moment hehe. i was so mad with him i wanted to smack him. and that is so not who i am.
but like i said...i think i have this accumulated annoyance with everything that is just not right.

back at home later that night, i sewed the edge-binding? on a quilt i have been making in the background of our life for the last few weeks. i then lay it on our bed, hopped in, and fell asleep before i could close my eyes. if thats possible.


KeLLy MummA said...

awww veda veda you clever clever girl.... :-) see you later for afternoon tea my beautifully
aura-ed friends.. xxxx

Loretta said...

PERFECT, so much better out than stuck in your throat, personally even the thought of slapping him was just as good..
Miss Veda you clever clever girl and oh so lucky with the life your mum and dad are showing you.

Manda & Muzz, huge hugs and lots of love to u both.. x x x x

melindatrees said... a perfect word.
gwen, that name is gonna stick in my head for so happy for weda.she must have been so excited.and im trying to imagine you all in the tent.that must be a big tent.ilike your story.

melindatrees said...

veda not weda

manda said...

i thought you meant weda because thats how ammie says vedas name lol.. p.s i should be in japan right now :-(