my sister michelle brought along her finely decorated strawberry friends to the family christmas party on the weekend. she is so good at decorating. everything. houses, herself, and food .
before we left for the party i was sitting outside in the morning sunshine soaking up the beauty before me. i had to take some photos, she was glowing . but then i heard the news that our friend was very sick. from pure joy to pure sadness in a split second. i cant stop thinking about her and her husband. really shitty things happen to really beautiful people sometimes. its not fair.

the kids had so much fun with their cousins, big and small. the big ones act like small ones anyway so its twice as fun. and their big uncle also acts like a big kid. hes fun too. and he lights..oops i mean likes fireworks.

i just realised the pinata was actually inspired by my echinacea .

not all of our family could make it to the party. . perth and japan are a little far unfortunately.. and obviously my dad couldnt make it because hes busy being an angel... but i swear i just saw him in this photo...and i got goosebumps thinking that it was him there laughing his head off at the party and ho ho ho ing.

and p.s my laptop has died. temporarily i hope. such a pain. back to the dinosaur computer.


Anonymous said...

all the rest= so very sweet

melindatrees said...

wowooo.all of it.i have a photo of dad in santa mode.gosh. and that pinata.totally echinacea.sad they beat the crap out of should try it on your flowers, you never know what might come out.

manda said...

yep its that photo of dad im thinking of.
lol..beating my brain doesnt even know what to think...

Loretta said...

Sooo fun. Now all i'm waiting on is the pictures of the night??????
x x