back tack happiness

there has been a few more-than-usual packages arriving in the mail lately... but this one on friday was especially exciting. from my backtack partner Austen

once i got past the beauty of the stamps on the outside of the parcel....Amelie and I opened it to find many special parcels. how exciting! i love this idea.

the cutest ever pom pom garland hangs perfectly across the kitchen, next to amelies cardboard garland which i also love. how beautiful is simple and hand made?

amongst the gifts was a book for me to doodle in with this beautiful book cover on it. i love all those little stitches.. and the leaf shapes..and the wispy threads.

it was so exciting and at the same time i was hoping Austen would like her parcel and be as happy as I was in those moments.


today has been so nice already :

waking up after a night of laughing with friends

phone talking with little brother

and also with little sister

coffee and real yo yos at mums place... the best yo yos in the world im sure.

thai leftovers for lunch

gingerbread , not ginger but rather cinnamon flavoured people, for end of year parties for the kids

and finally i now need a new list. 12 days until christmas. far out brussell sprout.

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