to sydney and back

i was going to say its been a long time since ive sat around here for a chat...and have the photo of the pretty clock. . but blogger put my photos in the wrong you will have to match my words to the pictures ok. a puzzle. .. .. it has been awhile since ive felt i could sit here and chat. but today seems a good day. probably because im happily too tired to do anything else. this morning i was in sydney. tonight im home in the country. and i have a real sense that it is the country,
after being in the city for a quick
last minute getaway to sydney.
we travelled by car, bus,
aeroplane, taxi, train, the kids
(and me) did enough walking to shock our legs.
i ate the most delicious lemon
tart ever.. and now i am on a
mission to make some.
we tried unsuccessfully to buy
some clothes. or shoes. or
anything other than food. not
very nice food either.
but kids dont like to shop.
why would they.
so we went to the beach instead.
aaaaaaahhhhh how i love a sea
breeze. the kids played with the
sea and the sand and laughed
and danced ....
one day i will be able to wake up and go for a walk along the beach. im hoping.
for now i have a garden that has grown wildly over the last week. i have vegies growing finally. tomatoes and basil i look forward to. and i planted an eggplant plant, just because they are beautiful to hold and the colour is enough in itself.
so next is school finishing soon and christmas coming soon and holidays. i really dont want to think whats next. just what is now.
food.. spaghetti of some description... the easy tea...
a story.... where is the green sheep? by mem fox
and sleep in our own spaces, our own beds. theres no place like home. theres no place like home.

the sydney opera house is beautiful. and also
like a piece of cuttlefish, we discovered. the harbour area is nice,...i could have an apartment there overlooking the water and the bridge and the opera house. yes thankyou.
we visited the aquarium on the day it poured rain and almost froze us to death. i dont really like aquariums....but it did give me a chance to take some up close photos of some beautiful fish...turtles, sharks, coral, jelly fish...- when i could get the camera off veda my little


melindatrees said...

i missed you.

Anonymous said...

lovely photos. i'm looking forward to seeing sydney some day.