lemon love

sundays making
my lemon tart doesnt look like the one in the book. it tastes nowhere as good as the one i ate in sydney. but it is not bad for first attempt. i only used one lemon. i have three spares. and watch out when our lemon tree is big enough to have lemon babies. id like to make lemon cordial too.
and a spontaneous gocco printing session. i wish i had a stash of linen to print on whenever the urge arises. although then i would have a pile of printed linen sitting next to all the other piles...which i am trying to get rid of. speaking of piles...and de-cluttering....

we noticed there is a clearing sale on friday , nearby. an old homestead has been sold. we are going.. to hopefully find an old ladies room full of old sewing supplies, her stash of embroidered linens and maybe a nice old wooden cupboard/table/chair. or maybe we will find a whole lot of old useless junk. the fun is in the rummaging. ...i will squeal if the lady did sew though.

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melindatrees said...

looks yum. and nice dirty prints.about the clearance sale...i am going to check flights.