because i just dont know what to write here anymore. and sometimes i dont even know what to think.

i also cant sleep very well.

and its so true, ...those days with a new born baby and all you desperately need some days is some sleep. well. now i can have sleep. and i cant do it. seems not right to me.

so yes ive been feeling a bit all over the place mental , in a light hearted way. . .

and tonight is the full moon that im placing my hopes on ending this crazy feeling.

its also a hot windy night...with storm warnings. come on like that.'

i feel not so alone becasue i know a few girls feeling these crazy types of feelings. its the planets, or the moon, or something. theres definitely something exterior going on.

in the mean time im taking herbs again and getting rid of stuff and more stuff, and playing more with my kids and also happily rediscovering the beautiful music of bic runga.

i had an interview with vedas teacher today and its nice to know that finally someone else knows what we have always known . she is a brilliant superstar angel.

tonight we collected about a thousand seeds from our wattle tree. imagine. if they all grew into wattle trees. oh my goodness.

and tonight we were going to plant the silver princesses but they might just die from shock in this be patient princesses. i know you are way more patient than me.

ill be back when the moon is not so big and powerful :-)

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Austen said...

Hey Manda - It's been a full-moon crazy kind of week here, too. Hope things calmed down for you with the weekend...I'm backtacking it up this weekend! ;^) Lots of fun. Cheers, A