whilst visiting moopy and me i found this very cool photo site. it is so much fun to make your photos look old. it was after midnight last night and i couldnt stop flicking through photos on my computer to turn old and black and white. now i will get some printed and maybe enlarged. what is it about old looking photos. coloured ones just dont have the same feeling.

im feeling guilty because im not going on the trip to melbourne with sindri and his class to the zoo. at first he was upset and then refused to go . today he is getting more enthusiastic about it and is making me promise i will be there on the next zoo trip. my boy is so forgiving and i feel pretty rotten about it. but im always there for them. its not like im not. i will die if something happens to him when he is that far from me. here is that letting go thing again. its not easy. i dont think it will ever be.

i went to bendigo today with my big boy and little amelie. i found a brilliant yellow dress to wear to the mega event that is my dear friends 40th birthday party this weekend. and my boy bought a new suit. spunk he is. i hope i dont look like a bridesmaid in my dress... the colour of it is amazing. its silk and its simple and i should take a photo instead of babbling away.... there will be photos after the party im sure.

so im why dont you go try out the photo changing thing. its in japanese but it just takes one click. its fun.

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anth said...

Is that photo from when evil aliens invaded your farm from outer space, only to be defeated by the all powerful and stubborn WONDERVEDA hehe