copy and paste?

I've just been trying to work out how to use Adobe Illustrator. I got it as a present from a sweet boy and girl who live in the city. Lucky me. I just want to know how to repeat a pattern. It can't be too hard can it? Time is all I need. And as we mummas know...unfortunately time cannot be picked from a pretty blossom tree.

The weekend was so much fun at my friends 40th birthday party. I could get used to the dressing up, dancing, laughing, staying up all night thing, oh and having some champagne too.
The next day we weren't so rosy...my feet weren't happy about the high heels I made them wear. Understandably. I never ever wear heels. Only to weddings. And I don't go to many weddings.

The kids would have loved to party too .... I think we need to get dressed up and go out dancing and eating somewhere with them.

We need to do more dancing.

I left the camera at my friends house.. so don't have any photos . I feel a little lost without a camera nearby.

The wind has been so wild for the last two days that I can hear the trees in the garden whispering...please stop.

I'm feeling like I can't keep up with time.


Loretta said...

whispering from the trees??? reminds me of another time. x x

Austen said...

I thought this might help: http://www.designspongeonline.com/2008/05/welcome-julia-and-how-to-make-a-repeat-pattern.html#comment-37424

Good luck!

manda said...

austen...THANKYOU! i'm sure you just saved me much time and fumbling :-)

manda said...

loretta...the children are calling you......