colourful windy day

some spots i printed for hana on some woollen/cotton
tops i found. they are probably way too big ..but bigger
is better than smaller. melinda could always shrink
them. and hana will grow. at some time they will fit.
i could quite happily cover my world in spots. its
addictively fun.
today is the last holiday before school starts. the kids
have given that fact no thought at all. the freedom of
being a child and living in the moment.
tonight i will eat thai with friends.
right now the wind is wildly blowing called the
kids outside to jump on the trampoline and to be blown about.
wild they will be when they come inside.
im waiting for parcels too. a poster. some ink. a print.
did i tell you our first baby girl is turning ten this week.
ten! double digits. im happy she still has her beautiful sense
of wonder, innocence and fun. it seems our society tries to steal
it way too soon from kids these days. maybe thats one blessing
of living on a farm , away from the city. she gets to be free
for just a little bit longer.
i did sew a top today. it took maybe 15 minutes. i spent about
an hour yesterday tracing a pattern, cutting fabric, sewing ,
trying on, adjusting to fit, sewing some more. i ended up with a
jacket that is ok but not worth the pain.
i like my 15 minute top way more.
the fact is im very impatient. and patterns dont always
equal happiness. :-) ..especially japanese patterns that i
cant understand or work out what size im meant to be cutting.
i usually guess. which is a recipe for disaster i know.
the kids are inside now. ive surrendered to them my new
textas in exchange for a little bit more quiet time for me. getting
their hands on my textas is a thrill for them! theres a million
other textas in the house but mummys ones hold special value.
its nice.
they are doing some drawings of each other for the local
show art section. i love to hear them laughing together in
the next room.

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melindatrees said...

ooo love the tops wish i could stretch them to fit me.