bad bad movie.

I just watched a really horrible dvd. Its title is Taken. Dont see it. Its about girls who are travelling overseas alone that are kidnapped and then sold to horrible men for horrible reasons.

My sister gave me the movie to watch. She didnt tell me what it was about, just that it was fantastic. Tomorrow Im going to thank her for scaring me half to death. She loved it by the way. Ha? And she has lots..well a few, teenage daughters. How could she have loved it? The male lead is Liam Neeson? ... he was great.. but still dont watch it.

Anyway... Ive got to get it out of my brain before I can sleep peacefully.

Maybe I'll go hang around on ebay or etsy for awhile.. I will be sleepy in ten minutes.

Tomorrow I need to get Sindri his new black birkenstocks.. the same as his dads..cuteness. He wears his hat and sunglasses like his Dad too. It made my smile extra big today.

I have my sister and hubby and adorable Sammy staying up here. Its so nice.

They have been chopping down dead trees. Which is so helpful but freaks me out at the same time. I hate the sound of a chainsaw. Its scary.

Our backyard is looking bigger and barer. Im going to have to plant some advanced trees I think. The poor birds wont have anywhere to land.


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