let go

birds drawn a long time ago by Veda.
face drawn by me i dont remember when.
yesterday and today i printed fabric. and paper . then i printed a face on the door. and i accidentally printed through the fabric on to the floor. im making nice piles . im thinking i will soon make clothes , maybe a little book or two, a bigger mess? endless possibilities....
and then i burnt my hand ironing the fabric tonight.
maybe i will just keep printing each day and not stop.
i doubt it.
i always stop.
its in my nature.
and i may just end up with nice piles.
but thats ok


anth said...

Can you take one piece of the nice pile and make mr anthony a t-shirt please please please. With the evil looking crow material hehe

manda said...

sorry...fabric more suitable for a tea towel. but you dont do your dishes so no point in sending you a tea towel.