ive been doing some printing with my trusty little gocco. printing quickly. amelie was impatient with me.. she wanted me to play. not print. shes feeling a little lonely with the kids at school and no hana here to get up to mischief with. im feeling a little lonely too. lonely plus many other things.
i want a bigger screen to print with. although i do have a different control with the tiny gocco screen. i like to overlap it and move it around in a frantic way. i like it that the fabric gets a bit of a dirty look to it. more lived in. homely maybe.
a bigger screen would mean i could do it with bigger pieces of fabric i guess. which would be good. and fun.
ive ordered lots of tops in big and little people sizes to print on. im going to have some fun with them. each day i impatiently check the mail hoping they will be there.
in the mean time im sort of wandering around aimlessly. theres many things i could be doing. but i need a project. something to work towards. instead of the every day-ness of every day.
i keep thinking about where we can go overseas. i must have been a gypsy in a past life. my latest dream is of morocco. yes. im dreaming. and it sounds like it may be a better choice for when the kids are a little bigger.
so tonight i lit a fire out the front and burnt some rubbish in an effort to help my boy clean up some mess on the farm. and really i just felt like lighting a fire. its a family fire gene im sure.
i later found out i had burnt lots of cow feed bags that can be sold back to the company for $10 each. oops. why were they lying all over the place then was my question.
theres been a lot of thefts off farms going on in our area. its got me feeling a little nervous. theres some rotten people out there arent there. i forget that sometimes.
i guess i should sleep. im tempted to keep the kids home from school tomorrow. just because its nice to have them home. i'll decide in the morning.
let you know when ive printed some tops.


Anonymous said...

wow! really? stealing? does it have anything to do with global inflation? food shortages? my husband and i are curious.

in the US siphening/stealing gasoline from cars parked in big megamart type stores has become common place.

manda said...

it may have something to do with the drought we have been in for the last few years...people get desperate i guess.

melindatrees said...

ilove your dirty sure no matter what size the screen youd still manage dirt.makes me smile thinking about how you must print, ive never seen that.