noisy happy life

my hand is all the more beautiful ( it was looking quite wrinkled and showing its age) now that it is decorated with beautiful warm brown henna
our home is full of laughter and screams of delight and noise and random things being thrown across the room by our little Hana
the garden has beautiful silver birches planted and silver princesses waiting patiently to be planted
our melindatrees is home. i think i might go plant her in the garden too, so she cant go anywhere
this winter weather is really beautiful. the cold makes me happy. the mud, not so happy. the rainbows, happy.


Anonymous said...

wonderful photos. i especially love the last one with the children jumping. so much joy.

anth said...

bla bla bla, dont eat my rice crackers.

manda said...

i wish i could say i have been eating rice crackers for breakfast lunch and tea, but anth, it seems she brought too many anpanman lollies and not enough of the good stuff.. i did leave you some though. the yucky fishy ones ;-)

ladybug.. couches it seems are best for jumping off. not sitting on.