such a funday this sunday was. a shop full of old stuff. waiting for us to come and find the treasures. and find we did. see my cute little bird in bird cage. its a wind up tin toy. the bird moves up and down eating its food. and makes a sound like some strange bird (if you use your imagination) i love it. i love it.
tomorrow im going to buy some oranges because i now have a beautiful glass hand juicer. lets forget about the super dooper juicer machine sitting on the kitchen bench for a minute. this glass one is beautiful.
melinda almost lost her voice from all the squeals of delight. she was in doiley and button and thread and,, went on and on,.......heaven.
or maybe it was from the drive home when we stopped to uproot a tree or two/get a specimen cutting.. and almost got locked in jail by a passing policeman. im exaggerating. but im not sure what hana was thinking as she watched her mum and her aunty laughing so hard with gum tree branches filling the front of the car.
a perfectly fun day. and we squeezed in some food at the bakery.
i arrived home to find the cubby in the lounge room has grown to almost fill the whole lounge room. you have to crawl to get to the other side.
and the dishes in the kitchen almost made it impossible to get in there too.
so i spent the afternoon singing with Sarah Blasko while we cleaned the house together and smiled about the fun two sisters can have together.

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sounds lovely