the cows take over the blog

yes, so following on from the last post with the reality of the situation. the reality is the kids bounced back from chicken pox and are full of childish joy. i bounced back and seem to keep bouncing..up down up down. nothing unusual.

the reality is that our love birds have two little babies in their nest for the first time and after laying countless eggs.

and that a sick calf named chocolate is consuming the thoughts and emotions of the girls as they try to nurse it back to health. and i ride the emotions with them.

the reality is ive been cleaning the house madly, giving away stuff and burning the rest in my own little bonfire ceremonies.. i need to make some space. for sanity and...
.. for a little kid to run with the bigger kids. and a big big kid to play with us.

and making a new bed for a princess to sleep in. and probably her little princess too. and my bed loving princess couldnt resist so tonight she is sleeping in it.

the reality is im trying not to burst with excitement, to conserve energy.. because its only 3 more sleeps until they get here.

just three. and one of those is on the plane. so really just two.

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