i have a sore throat. this is following the flu of some sort i have had the last week. ive had a full 24 hours in bed and many stolen hours here and there. i just cant shake this bug. and now its in my throat. so i cant really talk because it hurts. but i do sit here in my cosy corner on the couch looking at nice photos and reading until my eyes hurt. you know when you look sideways and it hurts? i have that bug.
i have to try not breathe on the kids. i really dont want them to get it. and that hurts too. i cant hug and kiss them too closely.
but nothing hurts so bad because i have a friend who is very sick. and she has little babies. a sore throat or a sore head is really nothing for me to whinge about.
ive taken no photos either. hows that for fun.
what i did do today is clean the kitchen table aka my studio. it was totally visible until the kids came home.
then tonight it became the site of superhero costume making for tomorrows hero dress up day at school. my kids. sindri made up his own hero. involving a cape, aeronautical flaps attached to the side of his top and a triangular headband. veda. she is going as a black and white snow leopard. animals are her heroes.
now lets see tomorrow who actually wears their costumes out of the house.
maybe i should have dressed up too. oh gosh. i should go make myself a costume. if i wasnt feeling like i was swallowing nails i might just do that. instead i think i should go to bed.
i'll be back soon. hopefully in one happy whole piece. with pictures. :-)


Anonymous said...

feel better soon.

melindatrees said...

ooh.manda really try really works.and rest.