My Sindri,.. he may tell you that they are some other creatures, but im sure he knew the chicken pox were coming. its been sitting on my fridge for a few days now (before i got them) inspired by shulas beautiful stitching i had worked up some energy to do something in bed other than sleep, so i found some pink and stitched with some more pink.
the spots are still coming. i look very scary. i slept so much yesterday. today im awake. tomorrow we will see. i look forward to being fully alive again, sure i will be different. im sort of shedding a skin here. strange.


Anonymous said...

interesting picture your son drew.
i love the pink on pink.
hope you feel better soon.

melindatrees said...

sindris creatures look pretty determined to cause some staying away until that picture comes off the fridge.

manda said...

thanks for the get well wishes ladybug. yes i am in love with sindris drawings. i need to make a book.
melinda ill let u know when its all clear. and then some. cant imagine a spotty hana.