as much as Amelie would like to add this dolly to her collection, this one, Magnolia is for the Softies for Mirabel project. i like her necklace best. maybe she wants some shoes on before she gets in her parcel to be posted.
blogger wont let me add anymore photos, i made her a bird dress.
yes im feeling better each day. thankfully.


anth said...

Shes cute, is she related to a emu (neck). Glad your getting better. Once your better you owe me dinner, pancakes will do, leve them at letter box. hehe

manda said...

i would never make the pancake king pancakes. how about canneloni? hehee yes she has emu in her ancestry.

anth said...

deal. let me know when you making it, will fast for the whole day. xx

La casa nella prateria said...

Hi, thank you for your supportive comment on my blog (, it made me feel better.

You blog is very cute and I will certainly come and see you again!

melindatrees said...

hana would like to cuddle her too (and pull off her scarf and necklace and draw a few spots on her face)..