im planting a forest

yesterdays gardening has left my right arm so sore. so much digging and lifting. i planted mums new magnolia. and mowed her lawn which was probably guilt driven. somehow i got their old mower to work. i didnt do it in the neat rows like they do. im more of a freestylin' kind a gal. probably resulting in my mums horror when she sees it. at least she still has some grass will be my response.
her old salvaged magnolia , i took it home and it sat on the gravel for awhile.. . not knowing its destiny... then i knew where to plant it. it now lives near my dads apple tree in the backyard. my dads apple tree has never been happy where it is. now they are happy together. seriously. they are.
i also planted some birch trees which are a new found love of mine. my boy doesnt like the mess they leave behind..(virgo) ..but the kids love throwing the seeds at each other. (kids) today i went to the supermarket with birch seeds in my hair. (feral. a bit .) i know. or pretty?
annnd i planted a definitely pretty nectarine tree that is flowering in pink blossom with new fresh green shoots. it is beautiful. it minds my front gate entrance now. the bees love it and i love it each time i see it. trees. they give me energy.
and in the last few days, quite sneakily, our amazing wattle tree has burst into flower. im happy my sister will get to see it flowering this year. its very very beautiful. i think i will stick pieces in her hair. lots of them.
now if i could just work out how to find the pieces i need for a dress out of my new japanese pattern book, i would be able to sew the dress i want to sew. hmmm let me see how many days until my japanese interpreter aka sister arrives? um 9. how exciting.


KeLLy MummA said...

yayyayayayayayya!!! melinda and hana are coming...we r soo making sushi!!

p.s u are the gardening queen, i bow before you

Anonymous said...

wow! busy you are. and so very very green. you little forest faerie princess.

how i so envy your sister right now. we are trying to get things in order so that we can move to Aus, but the mound of paperwork for my visa app is mind...numbing...i think.

i wish we were leaving japan in 9 days.

anyway, enjoy your sis. it seems from your blogs that you are close.

manda said...

hehe i wish i was a forest faerie princess, ladybug.. it will be beyond wonderful to have my sis home. thats exciting for you....have you lived in australia before?