wish granted

im glad today was just my usual busy happy monday. because my sunday that just passed could very easily have been disastrous.
i'll give you an idea of what happened.
our two eldest kids... little 9 and 6 year old kids. decided to go adventuring on our farm . without telling me. they left littlest kid..4 year old.. under a tree , near a channel, by herself. she was happy because she got to have their tree house while they went to find greener pastures so to speak.
i was in the house for maybe 5 minutes and i heard that little angel voice in my head say this is not right...go find the kids.
so i found Amelie.. under her tree. freak out number one.
we walked down our one kilometre driveway trying to find the kids. no kids in sight. im imagining them near the front road gate..where there is a tree they really like... where a car could just stop and pick them up. they could have just disappeared. but as i got nearer to that tree i could see they werent there. freak out number two.
we head back towards home.. Amelie yelling out kids kids... . I , by chance, look out into a paddock. I see Vedas hat moving at ground level. She is in a dam. An empty one I assume because she is running around with Sindri. I try to yell/scream out to her but my voice doesnt reach that far. For a split second I think she waves at me and keeps playing her game. Growl.
So I walk/run home with Amelie to get the car.
We drive back to this paddock where the dam is , which by the way has about 30 big BULLS in it.
Yep. Freak out number.. what number am I up to.. Four?
I get to the dam. Which thankgod for the drought is empty. But muddy. The kids are laughing their heads off and Veda is up to her knees stuck in the mud. Seriously stuck. Im telling her to get out in my biggest growly voice. She's half laughing half panicking because she can't.
I managed to drag her out without breaking a leg or two. She wouldnt have gotten out without me pulling her out. Sindri had been trying to help her but couldnt. He would have sunk himself if he got any closer. Oh. My. God. I escort the kids back to their bikes which were at the front tree after all. Thank god I didnt get all the way there and find their bikes and no kids or I would have had a heart attack.
I drive home furious, relieved, and I dont know what else I was feeling.
The kids rode their bikes home, stripped the mud off themselves, had showers and stayed in their rooms.
There could have been so many horrible things go wrong with this day. The kids must have been protected by an angel. When their Dad got home he gave them the best talk. It really got through to them. He freaked out about the bull part because he knows what unpredictable mad creatures they can be. People die .
I was so mad but tormented because the kids are free spirits happily exploring their surroundings. Its hard to let them go and to protect them at the same time.
So they are not allowed out past our fence without asking.
and they know we love that they are best friends and have such fun together.
And that is why I am happy I got to live a normal happy Monday .

on Sunday night I printed wish fabric. I accidentally printed the kitchen floor too. The kids were a bit horrified when they got up in the morning and saw the floor.
I have thought about gocco-ing the walls. They are our walls after all :-) And i saw a nice pink shed somewhere. Maybe I could paint one side of the shed pink? I'm having the urge to paint the house. Change it. Pull it apart and put it back together in a different way.


melindatrees said...

god.adventures.and nice print dad.

KeLLy MummA said...

my eyes have never read a story sooo fast b4. it freaked me out... u have two cheeky monkeys...

Loretta said...

Lol. so funny, love country kids, beats making mud pits in the vegie garden like we did when were kids. x x