last night the moon was especially beautiful. a thin slice. so bright. the sky was a beautfiul blue, just after the sun had set. i was outside collecting wood for the heater and i stood for a moment. i heard crickets, frogs, baby cows mooing, a distant truck speeding along the road, birds settling into the trees for the night.
i made a wish.
ive been given so many in the last week. my kids keep picking wishes from our garden and giving them to me.
i hope my wish was heard.
the kids were tired last night. veda ran 2 kilometres in a cross country school event. she did so well and was so proud of herself that she brought herself home a pinecone trophy she found on the course. my angel. my heart bursts when i see her playing and talking with her friends. her own little person. when i saw her exhausted little face mid way around the track she was running along. . . ...i hope she knows and feels just how endless our love for her is.
and today is saturday. my favourite day. i dont have to get out of bed. but even when i do get up i can just walk the slow i dont have to go anywhere do anything walk. my favourite. amelie woke me with her sitting on my bed folding paper. asking for instructions here and there. me responding with a noise. not very helpful i was.
its a beautiful sunny autumn day. i think i will go for a walk. the sun is calling me outside. the garden needs some water. where are you autumn rain?

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Anonymous said...

aaah. what a lovely walk through your fragrant garden of verse.