i think it may be raining. hang on i will just go and check. nope. i was imagining the sound. maybe it was because my sister put the thought of rain in my head tonight. my cat millie is sitting here next to me. shes been in our family for 12-ish years now. when i look at her its like i almost see a person in her face. shes someone.

i henna-ed my hand on sunday night with a tube i got in melbourne. its a bit too orange coloured and the lines, a bit too thick. and now i have to look at it for a week or so.. on monday i got my package of henna from india. so happy. if only i had waited one more day i could have had nice warm brown henna patterns. oh well. i can always do some feet mehndi. it was fun to see the kids faces at kinder when they got a glimpse of my hand. i think they liked it when i told them i drew on my hand with special paint.

this autumn weather is very nice. i dug around in the garden with amelie today. id really like to build. with some rocks. i need a pile of rocks. im thinking of andy goldsworthy. thats his name isnt it. without checking. and relying on my ageing memory . oh dear. im making a compost heap. well ive been feeding wild animals with our scraps for a few weeks now... but now ive covered the scraps with dirt and im hoping the worms will come to the feast and we may have some compost action happening soon. and looking at my moon calender tonight it seems now is the perfect time to be composting. fancy that.

i potato stamped some fabric the other day. with amelie. of course. she is my little shadow at the moment. she doesnt venture very far from my side. anyway.. it was fun. but not so pretty. but i can see the potential. i have some big pots of screenprinting ink that wont fit through a gocco screen. so i thought maybe i could stamp some fabric. im sure it would work somehow. maybe i need to water the ink down some. lotta jansdotter makes it look easy. i only had two potatoes left in my cupboard to dissect too. i will try the potato stamping again. oh and i was trying to stamp pink ink onto black fabric which probably wasnt helping the situation.

anyway. why i am telling you this i have no idea. i could call my blog the midnight ramble.


melindatrees said...

yo i think i henned my hand then too.and snap.ugly fat lines and its dark (but not so orange), well it wasnt but is now thank goodness because that means it nearly gone.eat the potatoes and ill send you some screens and ink.bring you some screens and ink.small problem though.i bet all the in k i have weighs well over 20kg.i like your ramble.

manda said...

i brought 5kg of potatoes yesterday. guess im gonna get fat.ter. im a little worried about the i'll send...then i'll bring part. please dont SEND anything. unless its in a container on a ship.

anth said...

I potato stamped my face today with fries at Maccas. Not as artistic as your stamping though. hi sis x

manda said...

mmmm i could eat some salty greasy fries right now. lucky maccas is 30km away. and lucky theres no chocolate in the cupboard..although im not feeling lucky about that right now. hi anth xo