just manda.

my new print. a manda tag that ended up being as big as a postcard. and then found itself upon fabric. i wanted a little card to hang on the pieces i make. oh well. now its a big card.
how i love to print fabric. if you could see me doing it you would have to laugh. i wonder what my fabric printing would look like if i had big screens and lots of long tables to print upon. i do love just placing the little gocco screen wherever i want to though... second by second.
i think i will make another little bag, a friend for bird bag. and also a girls dress. maybe a skirt?
next a manda tag for sewing on ... i tried and tried to find a word, a name. a something. i ended up back at manda for now.
its just manda and the things i make.
and hooray for my sister. she just got a great job and im soooooo happy for her. shes the coolest.


fine little day said...

Beautiful, really great!

Anonymous said...

so many lovely creations.
the bird bag and dress is gorgeous.

manda said...

thankyou :-)

Loretta said...

manda that print is gorgeous, clever, girl. x x thx for the congrats.

anth said...

cool sis. xx