its another day. such a hot day. but from 7.30 am i have the cooling on and then i can wear my new cardigan and socks around the house and pretend its cold outside at least for a few hours, or until i have to drive into town ( ten minutes away) down a boring road that i am totally sick of driving down, to get some food from the boring supermarket. oh yes you are hearing me.
my feet are itchy.
veda made delicious swirly biscuits from my new cook book from my sweet friend. and i made a chickpea dish from the jamie oliver in italy cookbook. god. he is .
it was yum, considering i put lentils too which i wasnt meant to , and i had to scrounge for a chicken stock cube( it was probably ten years old) and no doubt Jamie had fresh chicken stock (vomit). mine was vegie imitating chicken which in some way is probably worse.
if i fed my kids properly i think i could easily stand in the kitchen all day. either cooking food or cleaning the dishes. both of which may just be at the moment my least fave things to do.
so i have nice pattern books for clothes from japan and now i will have to work out how to use them . .to make clothes .. that fit. they seem to be quite simple in shape and im hoping that doesnt mean they are deceptively complicated to sew .
im eating too many easter eggs at night. and i dont know where sindris school uniform for tomorrows return to school post me being in japan. im hoping for an early morning miracle.
veda is all excited about the calf tied up next to our house. her and murray are going to show her at a show on the weekend. its so cute, but wont be so cute if she moos all night near my window.
a mooing cow at my bedroom window. ? i never imagined.

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melindatrees said...

yum funny and yep i think the book is complicated (i have to get koichi to translate it...)