easter folded up

i learnt today what to do exactly with bias tape over at angry chicken. how exciting. i have at least one top which needs to have the sleeve hems fixed because i had no idea how to put the weird stuff on properly. its not weird anymore, its nifty lol.
i also ended up on itunes and they had blackbox on one of their front pages. i looooved blackbox in my groovin days... so i downloaded it and have been so happily singing and dancing (realising i cannot move the way i used to) around the kitchen. im not sure what the kids thought. they did have interesting looks on their faces. at one point veda asked me if this was the radio.
i cut out another dress pattern. yeh baby. but havent found the space or energy to make it yet. maybe tonight when the kids are sleeping.
the kitchen table has been a hive of paper folding busyness the past week. lucky for all those chicks, they got cute little baskets to live in.
sindri became the master at paper balloon foldings. the fun in blowing them up led to more and more. amelie almost 4 year old does more freestyle type folding. she sees things i cant see :-)
im glad i brought back most of my luggage allowance filled with nice papers from japan..... . .
today i gave our garden some more hay-love. i have sweet pea seeds begging me to plant them. i just need somewhere for them to climb. im going to kick myself if i dont get them planted soon. soon sweet peas i promise.
so i just cleaned the kitchen and do you think im feeling like going back in there and cooking tea. you are right.
hello thai takeaway.

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