average friday

it began like a good friday. i didnt have to jump out of bed. i could roll out slowly. drink my coffee slowly. mow the lawn in my pyjamas. fold little paper baskets with the kids and my boy. slowly, slowly.
lets ignore the middle of the day.
the end is the end of a good friday. fish n chips for tea, tired happy kids, a movie, Big Fish, to watch if i can stay up long enough with my eyes open. ive got my boy onto the origami. he has the mind and patience to make those decahendrons or some similar sounding shape. you know. the ones we like. lets see what he comes up with. tomorrow he has to go shopping because he ate all..ok...most of the easter eggs. how about that.
and tonight. hello moon.


Anonymous said...

sounds a lot like the friday i've been having. slow and gentle.

i've been lurking on your's and your sister's blogs for a few weeks. i'm enjoying them both.

the photo on yesterday's post was nice. great angle/perspective.

manda said...

hello lady bug, nice to have you around.

melindatrees said...

nice altar.looking forward to doing some folding with murray one day soon :-) and egg eating if the supermarket still has them at christmas :-(
hi ladybug.