sometimes words are pathetic little creatures.

im home again from japan. from hanging happily out with minda and hana pie. in tokyo and around the place.

its 2.52am and i have aeroplane and tokyo induced insomnia.

its also my birthday.

and international womens day.

and a new moon at 3.14am.

maybe thats why coco cat woke me up. so i could be conscious for the new moon. not sure what ..or why... or how... but anyway. i love the moon. and here i am. welcome new moon.

so instead of trying to type some sequence of words to try to describe how very wonderfully nice it was to be by myself in japan, in the home and lives of beautiful family. and also to try to describe just what tiny bit i experienced of this insane other world....i think i will just post some photos for awhile.

lets start with one pretty blossom tree. i saw maybe five of them. its not blossom time yet.

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melindatrees said...

we miss you so much ..