there have been owls, wedge tailed eagles, magpies bathing in the front sprinkler puddles, and this morning a blue wren. the willy wagtails are always calling and keeping close company.
we are currently being held hostage by a plague of giant sized mosquitoes. scary vicious creatures they are. i dont like blood suckers, insect or human lol.
my magnolia blessed me with a new flower this morning. she doesnt usually flower at this time of year. my garden is happy. i even have an echinacea flowering. annnd i just planted a red wattle that smells of cinnamon! magic i think. ive smelt it... i will be happy to see it flowering because that will also mean it is favourite time of the year.

24 days until im in tokyo.. i was feeling sick about leaving the kids for over a week...but im now thinking it will be so good for them and for their dad. n0t to mention me ;-)
i cant believe yet that im going to fly on an aeroplane to japan. so so so exciting.
amelies first day at kinder tomorrow. i wonder how my big girl will go.

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