two owl

today we spotted a pair of owls in our garden! they were mostly white and just sat and looked at us. then flew from tree to tree as we followed them. they were so very close to us... they are magical. ..yes how beautiful they are. it would be nice if they have decided to move into our garden.
i mowed the lawn today and then went to get some wood to finish the kids play deck cubby...i couldnt believe how expensive the wood was. i didnt buy it. i want recycled wood but where will i find it? my boy will have to go buy the wood. hes good at buying things without looking at how much they cost. i usually look at how much they cost and then buy them anyway. not good. but not this time with the wood.

im not buying anything (trying not to ) at the moment because i need to save my yen for my visit to here..

and . how sad sad sad that heath ledger died. i have to say.. its heart breaking. i know people die all the time. but i liked him. i like michelle. i like their baby matilda. a sweet little family. its always sad that a little girl wont have her daddy. because little girls love their daddys dont they. our two girls definitely do.
tonight veda phoned murray and broke his heart with her beautiful outpouring of emotion. how beautiful she is. its so wonderful and so hard to watch her growing up.

coco the kitten , the burmese thinking that is the difference here, ....well she has adhd. she jumps on and attacks and stalks our two BIG ELDERLY cats. coco has no fear and no respect. how do you teach a kitten these things? the kids smother her in love all day every day. they couldnt love her anymore. and im thinking she thinks she is the new queen of the house. shes certainly treated like it. although tonight veda told her shes bad and locked her in the laundry. she then tried to scratch her way out which made the kids giggle their heads off.

amelie is sleeping on the futon couch in the kitchen tonight..just for fun... she received a letter from her new kinder teacher.. a beautiful letter with a heart around her name.
its those little acts of kindness that change the world.

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Stomper Girl said...

Maybe our kitties are related? That is so cool. Did you buy yours from Libby?