i have a new red cupboard from ikea. it took most of today to make some space for it..and then make it. now it sits quietly in the lounge room..probably wondering where in the world it has landed. i havent put anything in it yet. i got it to put my mountains of fabric in. but i could use it for so many different things. i think i will just enjoy its emptyness for awhile.

and i hope i get over this red fetish i have because im going to end up with a house full of red things. and i dont like red that much.

i also dont like aeroplanes that take my sister and my hana pie away to tokyo.

and while we are here i dont like bumpy roads either.


Loretta said...

:-) x x x x

melindatrees said...

oh dear, get rid of that.

Loretta said...

that is sooo funny do not get rid of it, hi melinda hows japan???