last day

i was up very very late last night decorating the hands and feet of my two funny friends with henna. it was fun. and funny. and today i woke up with a sore head.. probably due to a combination of alcohol, intense concentration and much laughing and little sleep.
i have now mehndi-ed my left hand. my feet are next. a nice thing to do on a very hot last day of the year.
tonight we might take the kids to the movies to see Enchanted. first i will go read up about it..i have little idea what it is about...
im excited about a new year starting. really excited. im happy about leaving this year behind, taking all the wonderful memories that are now part of me and leaving the rest to blow away with the hot wind of the west :-)
i hope this time next year i will be sitting in my new studio, typing about the awesome year we have had together.
and now..just for a change...the kids are hungry i must go feed them.. they are waiting for the food shop to open in the kitchen. they pay me with colourful and golden rings they got in their christmas stockings.
today sindri collected some sticks to make bow and arrows...and then gave me a feather he found. he always give me feathers. i love him.
im so very blessed with a sweet heart boy and three awesome kids. so lucky.
happy new year oooooooooooooxooooooooooooo


Loretta said...

Dear sis, have a great night. I'm actually hoping that i haven't melted by the time i see 2008 Enchanted is the sequel to narnia.. :)..

Wishing you a beautiful 2008.. Love you X X X X X X X X X X

Melinda said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Love the Hendi thing.... I've always thought it looked so delicate.