christmas eve

ive run out of wrapping paper. what a pain. a big pain. because i have been to the supermarket at least two nights this last week.. including tonight. i could have made some..but lets not go there. my making has been confined to sweet things in the kitchen. which the kids are pleased about.
christmas has come early at our house. we spontaneously adopted an absolutely beautiful burmese kitten into our maniacal world. her name is coco. little miss coco pops when she is being cheeky and coco plops when she is being naughty (sindri's idea ..did u guess) she came home yesterday...very nervous and shy. today she has spent the day being pampered and loved by three adoring kids. they havent left her side. she has been nursed and chased and pushed around in a pram. the kids hearts are filled with love for little coco..she is very little.
so much to tell so little sleep i have had...
my garden...oh it is nice. i have planted a new gum tree, its a red flowering gum and is a few years old..i love it. and i will love it doubly if it flowers next year.
i also brought two jacaranda trees. each year the purple nearly makes me squeal. but my goodness they are so delicate im not sure jacaranda will survive my style of gardening. fingers crossed. i got one for a present. it got a bit wind blown on the way home, so is looking quite ragged. oh well. quite appropriate really.
i must go now, i have new sheets on my bed. how i love to get into bed with fresh sheets. goodnight :-)

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