nice warm day

the kids and i had a hot happy day .....we found some very nice music with matching poster for our boy who has fallen in love with this brother and sister duo. i like them too.
i really like my kitchen window. i couldnt stand a kitchen without a window to look out of.
i found this book on another website that my deteriorating memory forgets where or who..sorry.;.. but i got the book from amazon.uk and it is a very very lovely book to look at. it arrived today at the post office which is a bit painful because that involves a 30 minute drive to pick up parcels. and i didnt know what i was picking up. which tells me that i am buying too much STUFF over the net. nice stuff but. and the book. well it has many pictures of nice homes and nice words to go with them. how anyone keeps a home nice like that? i dont know. i missed out on that skill/gene.
yesterday i brought home with me two new canvases and two new paint brushes. im juggling ideas around as i do things like cook tea for eternally hungry children. and step over piles upon piles of clothes. and water my garden. yes its a drought. but gingko in a pot needs a drink.

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