the collector

i have two more machine type things in our house. i dont have a new room to put them in . . but hopefully that is coming. ( i have moved some boxes to the garage so i had some space to fill ;-)
.. i found a typewriter at the op shop for $3.00 . i really love the sound of a typewriter clicking away. and the kids love it also. the letters they type are wonderfully fun to read (for me). and they play with it like a musical instrument too.
and .. the other one is pictured above. a badge making machine. and my goodness.. its nearly up there with gocco type fun. its highly addictive....rather than looking for every possible paper to print on, we are looking for various pictures to make into badges. and the kids LOVE it too. its so much fun to go on these adventures.. with the kids. veda and sindri are at a great age to play these games with. sindri photocopies his pokemon cards and has made himself a nice assortment of badges and veda has made a little botanical group that is now pinned to her high school musical oh the fun. amelie hasnt found the badge maker yet. she was asleep when it was unpacked and is now munching on some pita pizza. im sure she will find it soon will be interesting to see what her ideas are for a badge.
the badge maker is something ive been spying for awhile now...but ive always thought that they were so crazily expensive. and they are. but i am crazy. and its vedas slumber party in two more sleeps. and how much badge making fun are we going to have? i picked up three boxes from the post office today. so. much. fun. i'll tell you about the other boxes another day.
the rainbows and my family have been visiting. we are lucky.
and just in case....keep the badge maker a secret from any party attendees ok ;-) x

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