spring making

the making that i want to be doing is not always, often, the making that i am doing. last night i wanted to make a new gocco print, but couldnt find the energy to get up and do 9.30 at night. today i was outside mowing the lawn you do on fathers day.. i have no energy, but the garden is calling me outside..every day. ive become a plant a holic. and the kids follow. they dig, they swing from the tree, they run around and around and around. they have a hidden source of energy that i wish i had.
this afternoon the making, was making the house clean for a fathers day dinner. making a cake, making a roast dinner...all the while , planning this doll print in my will i do it... what will i do with it... i want to make a skirt with it..and embroider it.. and on it goes. so the making grows in my head, while i make everything else needed to keep the family going, and happy.
there is no wonder in my mind why i am so tired at the moment.
but the beautiful spring days and the daffodils and the blossom are seductive. so outside i go, with my new wheelbarrow...digging and planting and at night i flop into bed dreaming of the things i would like to make.
now i must go check the roast vegies, pour myself a baileys and get ready for a fathers day dinner. maybe tomorrow i can do some different kind of making.

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