three years old.

i caught a glimpse of that green polka dotted fabric in the mountain in my bedroom and this dress came to mind with a few of the other fabrics ive been collecting recently. sometimes it takes just one more fabric to bring them all together. so this afternoon i sewed ... like a mad woman... and i refused to do anything else that anyone else tried to get me to do. imagine when i have my own it whatever doesnt matter ... i think the problem may be that im not going to want to leave it very often
so anyway... a cute dress for a 3 year old. a cute 3 year old that has found another dimension to the power she has within. oh. my god. can she speak with determination! and yell. and she will not be bribed either. there was no way in the world she was going to put this dress on. she likes to play this game with me. she knows i realllly want her to put the damm dress on - i need to finish the straps...not to mention get a chance to say oh soooo cute amelie. pfft.

there it hangs on the door. hasnt been tried on. or finished. brat. i say it with love. but she is a 3 year old brat :-)

muzz tried to get me some thai food tonight..he got three quarters of the way there and i rang to order and the answering machine answers to tell me that they just felt like being closed today and tomorrow. ha? are you SERIOUS!

we had chinese instead. no comparison....why do people even bother eating chinese .

so going to do some indian decorating of my hands. my hands are so dry and the henna is mixed and ready and smelling so divine. i think i might try to get muzz to henna my right hand. i want both hands covered. in beautiful mehndi.

and tomorrow amelie will wear her new dress . i hope.


Cheeky Beaks said...

That is just an adorable dress. I hope she wears it soon!

seagrape said...

i love this dress. what a beautiful combination of prints!