on the weekend i visited the nearby farmers market. how i love markets. and people who grow vegetables. and make sponges. and collect honey. and pot plants.

it was a beautiful sunny morning which made it a perfect day to get a bit over-enthusiastic about buying plants. and murray put in an order for me to bring home...can you guess? a cake. such a cake boy.

i now have a new friend..miss daphne. how i love daphne, and frangipani and gardenia. i think there is a special kind of person who knows how to keep these plants happy, im not sure im one of them but i am going to try. i think my mum is one of those people. if daphne gets sick she will be going to nan-nans hospital.

i have wanted a happy wanderer for awhile now...they twist and turn and reach out in all different directions and have these sweet delicate purple flowers. i love them. they climb wildly. and a happy wanderer? its definitely a plant for me .

the kids planted their own garden of flowers to keep my newly planted garlic company. im always wondering why garlic in the supermarket is usually from china or mexico .... cant australians grow garlic? and i would have thought it would be from italy anyway. but i guess they use their garlic and dont have much left to export.

oh dear.. i go delirious with my thoughts . often.

so anyway.... seems like this is where we are living.... not on some magical beachside/farm oasis.

the beach is going to have to be a holiday destination for now... and i have now got to work on making this house bigger and prettier . (whilst looking for a holiday house near the beach ;-) .. i cant help it. happy wanderer is in my blood.

today i have veda home with a sore throat . im expecting a call from the principal at school one day soon, questioning whether our kids are actually part time students. which they are these days. which is fine by me.

im often being spooked..or actually its a nice connected-ness type feeling.... when i read other peoples blogs and they are doing or thinking or feeling things i am doing. like cooking golden syrup dumplings, or talking about their daphne..... its nice .

and i did bring home an orange cake.


Loretta said...

Oh Daphne, i love them, i used to have such a beautiful, lush one, until...Will decided to do some gardening and thought it was ugly and pulled it out.. :(

manda said...

oh good, you can tell me how to keep her happy.
will will will...what are you going to do with that boy lol...

shula said...

Daphne like well drained soil, and not too much sun, filtered is good.

They also dislike being moved, they get very huffy, and sometimes cark it, just to annoy you.

Apart from that, all you have to do is cut the flowers every year. Makes it bush out more.

Mighty healthy little daphne you've got there anyway, so I may be teaching my grandmother how to suck eggs.

manda said...

yes..she is healthy..thats because ive only had her in my possession for 3 days . but thankyou for the tips make it sound so easy, me and daph are going to be life long friends :-)