yesterday we spent a lovely day with our beautiful friends. it was vedas friends first communion. after the church we went to vedas friend alex's party. well. everything was beautiful. colour co-ordinated. thought of. everything. i think my friend should be a party planner. she does it so well.
we didnt see veda all day, when we did she was by alexs side having a wonderful time. alex in her white gown looked like a snow queen. a beautiful doll.
sindri was either on murrays knee or at the playground outside with murray or playing with his cute little friend lucas.
amelie was feeling a bit down all day but still had some fun with her little friends layla and nicola.
its so nice to see our kids with their friends. little people forming relationships, having conversations, smiling and holding hands. its a joy for me.
and of course we too had a lovely time talking with our friends, eating yummy food- that someone else had cooked yay..
the day made me think of my family.
and of how blessed i am with my own precious family and with my caring, funny friends.
oh. and i ate canoli... you know the italian custard rolly cakes. how i miss going to italian weddings. im going to learn to make them. so divine.
today the kids are tired. tired. tired. another day off school wont hurt will it?

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Loretta said...

:) So glad u all had such a nice time. x x