send nintendo ds back to nephew because we accidentally took it home with us
get objection forms from the council to give to school to say we are happy we havent vaccinated the kids
find a builder to make this house big enough to hold all our STUFF
try to stay focused on the task above because once that is done it will be like dominoes around here
go play with friends tomorrow
send back to school vedas camp permission forms. thank god its only 30mins down the road
hummm theres a million more things im sure.
find a pony riding club for veda
find karate lessons for veda and sindri
resist the urge to spend energy on the garden doing things like mowing lawn that will no longer exist once we build the extension on
eat thai food by sunday
keep in mind that soon i will have a space of my own to spread my wings because its seriously frustrating me. alot.
get rid of maybe half of our familys clothes. its the only way im going to beat the laundry dragon
and we really dont need so many.
i realise i am a fabric addict. and i wish i could sew and pattern draft properly. then i could do something with my addiction.
i love the name/word celebi. she is a pokemon also. a very cute one. i wonder if i could use it for a clothing label name. celebi. ? ?
maybe i will change my mind tomorrow.
most probably.
im a pencil addict also. ssshhh today i brought another packet of crayola pencils. i love them. murray would flip if he knew he hee... he knows i am a texta and pencil addict. happily the kids have inherited that addiction. and only that one i hope .

thats a tiny bit better.

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