at home

how i love fridays. i couldnt wait for the weekend so the kids are home today and we are starting the weekend early. sindri needed to stay home, he's fighting off a threatening cold. veda also needed to stay because why should she go to school if sindri isnt? and really, with the way the kids have been coming home talking rudely and telling me about the types of conversations that are going on at school.. between just the about sex......- 8 year olds talking about sex? im finding it harder and harder to find reasons why i should actually send the kids to school at all.

for instance, this morning veda read sindri lots of his new pokemon novels, sindri cooked banana muffins, veda learnt her 7 times tables, veda had a melt down and her daddy was here to hug her back to happiness.. and now the three kids are happily playing at the dollhouse. then i compare that to what they would have done so far at school... well in my mind it just doesnt compare. ive always struggled with the- should i/ shouldnt i homeschool idea. im leaning heavily towards keeping the kids home once this term is over.

anyway.. i've ordered replacement cords and stuff for our video camera because embarassingly i cant find them in our house and i feel like i need to video the kids now in all their amazingness before they grow again. the kids are all ready to make movies as well, having worked out who is having the first turn. the parcel is waiting at the post office which is almost a one hour return trip. its pretty annoying at times living far from things like um .. the thai restaurant. the place i buy milk. the chocolate shop. but yes...we are lucky.

yesterday the kids were so happy because book club order at school came and we had ordered books, and we got a new friend for rosie the love bird. a boy called petie. or pete for short. :-)

now its time to send big love to my sister loretta...for today shes being a brave girl x


Loretta said...

Thanks Manda, love u sis. x x x x

melindatrees said...

cutttte dress :-) can you hand deliver it?