sunday making

on this rainy sunday i have a stiff shoulder after spending the night with veda in our bed. its nice and cosy drifting off to sleep with her and then it goes downhill from there. we end up hanging off the sides of the bed and veda has a lovely queen sized- sleep in the middle.
but this post is not about that anyway.
its about the pants i made for amelie this morning. i used the fabric i printed with my gocco awhile ago. they have some gold fabric trims and they look a bit old and dirty and a bit girly and a bit special with the little bits of gold.
i like them. amelie doesnt. she refuses to try them on.
i love her three year old determined-ness. i wish i had some of it.


melindatrees said...

just enlarge them for me :-)

Loretta said...

Oh i can so relate to the hanging out of the bed when soneone takes all the room, except its not a child who does it in this house..

Oh cute pants and print, wait til miss hana arrives for her next visit, maybe melinda can come and pick them up????? lol.