somewhere over that hill

well its been awhile, i agree. ive been looking for a new home for us . and the cows.


::ive been letting all the ideas i have, swirl around in my head. and remain there mostly.

::i have wasted two gocco screens + globes because i was impatient

::ive thought about all the things i need to do

::i havent really done much have I?

::i have really. but you dont want to hear about the never ending piles of washing, of feeding never endingly hungry children, of playing and snuggling kids that dont like to sleep alone, of drinking coffee with friends, sharing the good and the hard times of being mummas. . .of wondering where in the world we are going to move to--- that is probably taking up a lot of my energy.

and today, if i could teleport myself to another country, ..say, japan. i would.

if i could be bothered taking photos, i would be looking at the wattle tree that is now bursting into brilliant yellow...actually i might go take a photo of it...its b e a u ti f u l.... and i would be photographing the wonderful pictures and letters my kids make for me everyday. i would show you my recently finished painting. im having urges to paint over it...but im resisting for now.

i tried to take some photos while we were away last week, we happened to land in the land of fog. it was so very eerie. the camera sat in the car the entire time we were away. we were having too much fun.

update.:: i went to visit the wattle tree with camera. though you really need to be next to this tree to feel its magic.

now if i could do anything i think i might go to bed and hide there for the day. or go to my (imaginary) mudbrick/strawbale studio and gocco and sew all day and night.

oh my god.

and i remember what i DID do.

i went to see Sarah Blasko sing. live. in a little bar. with my sweet friend. but first we ate thai food. just to make it a PERFECT night :-)
if you havent heard Sarah sing. you really should. she's beautiful. amazing.


Loretta said...

Well, an update, about time. Nice pict of tree, its getting more like spring here, every day...Ok i will check in a month for the next update... lol

melindatrees said...

yay.i like your i like list.i like you.