an ending

today we sold our house/farm. the last remaining bit.
my first reaction was of much handclapping excitement. ten seconds later i started to feel something like butterflies in my stomach. this is really happening. somebody else is really going to come and live in our home. and worse still,...we have to pack up and move out. and even even worse..how are we ever going to find and agree on a place where we could both/all be happy. and find it in the next two months?
we have been trying to go away to start our searching but it seems the gods are against that plan. veda was sick with a cold or flu and now it seems muzz is getting a mutated version of it.
and maybe sindri too. we thought we would be able to leave early tomorrow. i cant see it happening..but who knows what a new day may bring?
so i have been on holidays with the kids albeit, at home on holidays rather than on a warm beach in queensland...or some exotic country.....la la la la ......
and its been a blur. the whole of the year has been a bit of a blur. maybe i need to start taking gingko...i think my normally wonderful memory is a bit fuzzy. tired, thats what it is. muzz told me im the tiredest person he knows. i thought for a second and then replied i do day AND night shift every night. for 8 years. dont talk to me about being tired.
and here i am on the net at 12.30 am. hmm,,...better go to bed :-)

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